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Executive Contracting

When you need someone for a short period of time it’s really important you get the right person.

You need contractors or leased executives to perform as quickly as possible. You also need people who will fit in, who will solve problems, not create others. Our consultative approach means we identify the skills you really need. Our extensive network of contacts means we can find people who fit.

Many clients are not familiar with the circumstances under which Executive Leasing can benefit their business. Our experience tells us that this resource can assist in:

  • Problem Definition and Solution – it can be the most cost effective way to solve management problems without ‘over-resourcing’ for the longer term. One of our key points of difference is utlising a leasing option to really define the issues and assist in the process of deciding what type of long-term resource is required.
  • Staff Cover – Providing resources when an incumbent is away for extended periods e.g. Maternity leave. This requires people to get up to speed quickly but be flexible on finish dates.
  • “Backfilling” – when an incumbent is seconded to a project, a Leased Executive can “caretake” the role in the meantime, providing added stimulation for your permanent talent.
  • “Gap Filling” – when there is a gap between an individual leaving a company and the time until his/her replacement can commence. This gap can otherwise result in the loss of other key staff as workloads increase in lean teams.
  • Specialised Project Work - rather than disrupting the day-to-day operation, Leased Executives can be part of or even lead, a team working in a specific business project.

We have experienced Leased Contractors available in all management disciplines, including CEO’s, General Managers, Finance and Accounting, Human Resources Specialists, Sales & Marketing and Supply Chain/ Logistics/ Manufacturing.