A few thoughts from a Baby Boomer about changing technology

I set up my new Recruitment business about 18 months ago. I had previously worked for two Corporate entities – 15 years at UDC Finance (owned by ANZ Bank), and nearly 10 years at Hudson Recruitment, headquartered in the USA.

There was a sta

rk contrast to being a small cog in a rather large international wheel. Namely, in a small business, you do not have “departments”, or their “people” to call upon to do your “things”. You are, in effect: – Lawyer, Accountant, HR, Sales and Marketing, along with being CEO, chief, cook and bottle washer.

Further, like a lot of Recruiters who leave the KPI based mutli-national Recruitment Agencies to set up their own empire, we are mature in age which is great for having the experience to deal with the challenges of business. However, this can also be a detriment in this ever increasing Gen-Y led Social Media based world where mobile phones and all manner of i-things have more computer based capacity, than the Apollo moon landing spacecraft that we saw landing via our black and white TV screen.

Having teenage children though is certainly an advantage, as they can give you the Dummy’s Guide to the next new thing. It is imperative though that you do keep up, and stay ahead of the pack.

The distinct advantage of having your own business is that you can react quickly to change. There is no corporate bureaucracy or capex procedure to wade through. So if you see the logic in utilising an iPad to assist your Recruitment process, you go out and buy one!

…And so it is we have had to recently learn and master Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter (still working on that one) on our i-things, which all have their place in the grand scheme of things. This is done in the same manner that we had to previously learn how to use a PC, or find out what the Internet was all about.

This may mean going outside your comfort zone, especially if you do not initially see the point of the advancing i-world, but just doing what you always did, will not return the result you always got. If today’s fad disappears, it will certainly be replaced by another and you will have needed to master the building blocks of technology along the way. As I said earlier, in your own business you are the “people” of the organisation. You have to do the thinking for yourself, but you have the opportunity to act to embrace change and keep ahead of the corporate pack.

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