Social Media and the end of recruiters?

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ … much has been made of the future of Social Media and how it will change the way we do business. But naysayers predicting it will mark the end of any need to engage recruiters (or at the very least are fore

casting it will fundamentally alter what we do), are reminiscent of the doom and gloom that was created around the Y2K computer situation. Remember when our machines were going to turn on us, and a whole new service niche was spawned just to reset computer clocks and to write disaster recovery plans? Yet how many 747’s plummeted from the skies? None.

There are many ways to identify and source potential candidates – new ways, old ways, creative and quirky ways; but in the end, candidates only ever fall into one of four categories:

Looks right, is right
Looks wrong, is wrong
Looks right, is wrong
Looks wrong, is right

The real skill lies in accurately assessing where to ‘fit’ each candidate, and this has always been a hallmark of the very best recruiters. Social media can’t deliver this part, nor can job boards, company career websites, word of mouth referrals, or ‘shoulder tapping’. In fact, nothing can replace a recruiter’s experience, commercial nous, objectivity, intrinsic understanding of both the job brief and person specification, and how they both fit together.
So really nothing much has changed with recruitment; we just have more tools we can use.

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